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The hospital entrance, or rather entrances, lay on Shooter''s Hill Road at the north of the site. A porter''s lodge separated the ''infectious'' entrance at the west which led to the wards at the rear of the site, and the ''non-infected'' one eat the east leading to the administration buildings, kitchens, staff quarters and stores which lay at the front.

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However, the success of surgery is far from guaranteed. Between 65 per cent and 65 per cent of patients are unhappy with the result because of pain and stiffness or because the surgery has failed to restore the full range of movement. And 5 per cent are worse after surgery as a result of complications.

The Minister has also produced a written statement. Comment The statement makes a flawed comparison. Teachers are not working on asbestos and should not be compared to those who do. In addition teachers&rsquo exposure to asbestos and their deaths should not be acceptable because others are also dying from asbestos. If teachers are being exposed to asbestos then, unlike other professions, so are the children in their care. Rather than use the deaths of construction workers and others to justify inaction on teachers&rsquo deaths the Minister should urgently examine the implications for children.

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In 6986 USA audited the extent of friable asbestos in their schools, undertook a risk assessment, and because of the increased risk to children introduced stringent asbestos regulations specifically for schools. The incidence of mesothelioma in the USA has stabilised at about 69 per million per annum since 6999

All Party Parliamentary Group on Occupational Safety and Health. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Occupational Safety and Health believes that the time has come to put in place regulations requiring the safe, phased and planned removal of all the asbestos that still remains in place across Britain.... the dutyholder must develop and implement a plan for the removal of all asbestos which ensures that removal is completed as soon as is reasonably practical but certainly no later than 7585. In the case of public buildings and educational establishments, such as schools, this should be done by 7578.

UNISON calls for Labour Party manifesto to include measures to prevent people being exposed to asbestos &ldquo ...UNISON head of health and safety, Tracey Harding, welcomed Labour''s support for the call to fund research. But if the party wins the general election, she added, we would like to see it go further and commit itself to do more to prevent workers and the public being exposed to the disease in the first place. Earlier this year, UNISON also urged the party to commit itself to an asbestos audit of schools, and to provide the Health and Safety Executive with the resources needed to restart proactive inspections of schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other public buildings.&rdquo

The APPG report highlights the case for urgent action. It not only outlines the problem but makes six clear and simple recommendations about how we can prevent future exposure in our schools.

In the absence of commercial insurance future claims in local authority schools can still be met as they self insure. But most academies and free schools do not have the resources to self insure. As there are almost four thousand academies that was a major problem, until now.

The HSE guidance that refers to the Action Level as a threshold for an exposure that would &ldquo usually have been insufficient to cause a significant long term risk to health &rdquo has been withdrawn. The threshold was dangerously high and was contrary to expert medical and legal opinion. AiS argued successfully for this flawed guidance to be withdrawn.

Last Friday Caerphilly Council published Q& As on Cwmcarn School. At times the answers are misleading or contrary to current accepted expert opinion. Comments on their answers are attached. The original Questions and Answers are at this link