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Now I've met another Capricorn guy I can admit I put him thur a lot of ropes I never return his texts or calls I hate to show signs of weakness to men after two months I decided to go out with him OMG everything was so intense & passionate I must say Capricorns & Scorpios are a good match they fall for each other easily I can't wait to see more of cappy

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I had a Capricorn boyfriend and I'm a has never confessed to me but we are in deep love. He left me twice for his family but now he is trying to make up. He will never talk first but always wants me to start. When I try to speak to him I get nervous and now its been 8 months we haven't can feel the love between us but what should I do to make a patch up?

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im a Scorpio and honestly Scorpios and Capricorn men are the best compatible friends or mates. they understand each other mostly when the woman is strong and tell him what she likes or dislikes other wise the male will go on hiding his feelings keeping everything to him self. when all he needs is someone to talk too and to always listen to him.

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You're both hard workers, who value security. You're both reserved, and appreciate a nice home environment. You'll come to respect your partners ambition, determination and sense of purpose, while they'll admire your fantastic intuition, insight and passion.

This unlocks the real power of astrology, and gives much more useful and specific information: everything from how they view you, how to turn them on, how to avoid arguments with them etc. If you would like to explore this further please see the compatibility readings page.

I want him to fall for me, but I`m so jealous, I don`t think he`s seeing anyone else, but the thought that he might be is always there and it`s really keepin me on my toes.

the air between us its intense mean you can feel real chemistry but very deeply though , have no ideea f the others feel it , because both we are very good at hiding it.

ALL I HAVE TO SAY WANT MORE OF MY CAPPY MAN!!! But I guess I can be patient. Thanks for all the comments, I guess he is worth the wait!!!

You're both hard workers, who value security. You're both reserved, and appreciate a nice home environment. You both typically prefer to stay in rather than going out. Your Scorpio is likely to be particularly withdrawn occasionally, and need lots of personal space. This is how they recharge, so don't take it personally - they'll be right back afterwards!

You have much in common with this partner, and very similar values and goals. You'll each come to have a high level of respect for the other.

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