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The Chief Justices appoint judges, except those for the Court of Appeals and High Court, who are appointed by the President. Military courts do not try civilians, and no security courts exist. The government offers legal counsel to defendants charged with treason or murder in Dar es Salaam, free legal counsel is provided to some indigent defendants by the Tanzanian Bar Association and Legal Aid Society.

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Literature. Because most of the local languages in Tanzania are expressed orally rather than in written form, little other than dictionaries and collections of idioms and fables collected by missionaries or local and foreign researchers have been published. The national language of Kiswahili, however, has a very old and rich history. Stories, novels, poetry, epics, textbooks, children's literature, and historical treatises are widely available around the country.


“Because she probably knew that she wanted to get married more than I did and she kept pushing for it and pushing so I said sawa, let’s get married. Then one day she must have realised that the marriage was a mistake and she walked out,I didn’t follow her. I think marriage is about value, if a woman or man doesn’t add value to your life you leave. She wasn’t adding any value to my life, neither was I to hers.”

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Actually, only a woman can tell what being a real man is. Light is only recognized the extent that darkness exists and vice versa.

Division of Labor. Customary divisions of labor generally relegate the heaviest physical labors (for example, clearing of fields, cutting trees) to men and lighter tasks to women. Similarly, few women work with machines and other highly valued productive assets. Children as as three or four learn to help their parents with household and field chores, although girls often shoulder a much greater work burden than boys, a pattern that often repeats itself as children grow into adulthood.

Alex sounds like someone who used to be an Alpha, when he talked about owning the table. The latter version of him is more a Beta male. Alpha hardly ever give up control. They retain their dominance. This one sounds like he is swinging by his wife 8767 s skirts. Sad.

I bet he has his head spinning what happen should the ticking time bomb this is goes. Don 8767 t drive your wife 8767 s V8, hustle and get one for yourself or atleast don 8767 t say how you enjoy driving it. Now that 8767 s the way of men.

Did I mention how I courted her in my jalopy then it 8767 s about self awareness .look at life through different she lost her v8 did I bolt haha no she brought her brains to my current project and took it to another level .remember no one has a monopoly that 8767 s why it 8767 s Bill and malinda if that 8767 s the spelling (gates) Hillary and Bill Clinton . michell once when out with B O to a Resturant and she stopped to chat a guy and when BO Asked who that was she said she dated him BO says oh you lucky you married me now your First would have been spouse of a Resturant owner..she says no he would have been president

International Contacts: The most popular form of entertainment is the cocktail party, held in the home between 7 and 9 pm. Small dinners and buffets are also held at home. At functions you will have an opportunity to meet Tanzanians and citizens of other countries represented in Tanzania. The International Women's Group hold monthly meetings. A number of charitable and social organizations such as Rotary, Lions, the Corona Society, and the Caledonian, St. Patrick, and St. George Societies welcome members.

Tanzanian custom combined with the climate make Dar es Salaam very informal. Tropical clothing is worn year round. Local shoes are of poor quality, and sizes and widths differ from the .

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