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At the end of the game, when I found myself pleading for my life, I found that no matter what combination of dialogue options I tried, I was doomed. I had to squeamishly sit through the bad ending over and over again. I only made one bad decision, but the one I made was the most unforgivable.

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Have to agree, loved the show but way too much already on Sunday nights not gives me less to compete. Glad at least they are going to give closure unlike Dallas that they gave us a huge cliffhanger and never came back to conclude it! Hate that!

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In another branch of the Corset Crew, Downton’s Zoe Boyle, who plays Lavinia Swire, shares a flat with Sophie McShera (kitchenmaid Daisy). They are pals with co-stars Amy Nuttall (housemaid Ethel) and Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith).

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Hope they close all the plots. I hate when a series is cancelled and they don 8767 t give a chance to the screenwriters to write a final. You feel like you 8767 d wasted your time.

But communicating across the social networking site means their frisky exchanges have been preserved for all the world to see.

I know! I 8767 m curious to hear what Sunil Nayar has to say about it and I hope they ask questions about an alternative ending or if they were picked up for a 5th season which direction would they go. And I ESPECIALLY want to hear about Victoria 8767 s heart in Amanda. Creeps.

CLOTHES: Bling - big gold earrings and designer sportswear, including gold Adidas trainers complete with angel wings at the sides.

Rupert plays three roles: Miss Fritton Archibald Fritton, her ancestor, a rakish 66th-century pirate and the Rev. Fortnum Fritton, who was driven mad trying to track down the treasure.

I TOTALLY agree!! WTH was that and who was that woman in the newspaper? Was it the woman that married Conrad 8767 s father and came back with all his money? That was meaningful, because Nolan even says at the very end how clever that was of Emily to do that..very weird ending I thought.

NOLAN 8767 S OPEN ENDING | I figured White Gold would be taken down in the finale, but I never expected Nolan to be the man of action. I guess I forgot, as Nolan mentioned, that he 8767 d been trained by one hell of a sensei. And although he didn 8767 t find true happiness of his own in the finale, he did receive a surprise visit in the episode 8767 s final moments a potential investigative opportunity, courtesy (apparently) of Amanda:

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