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Passive Filter Circuits | AC Electric Circuits Worksheets

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The plot given in the answer, of course, is for an ideal high-pass filter, where all frequencies below f cutoff are blocked and all frequencies above f cutoff are passed. In reality, filter circuits never attain this ideal “square-edge” response. Discuss possible applications of such a filter with your students.

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A band-pass filter passes only those frequencies falling within a specified range, or “band.” A band-stop filter, sometimes referred to as a notch filter , does just the opposite: it attenuates frequencies falling within a specified band.

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The important lesson to be learned here about cutoff frequency is that its definition means something in terms of load power. It is not as though someone decided to arbitrarily define f cutoff as the point at which the load receives % of the source voltage!

Be sure to ask students where they found the cutoff frequency formula for this filter circuit. Also, ask them how they were able to distinguish the input and output terminals. What would happen if these terminals were reversed (. if the input signal were applied to the output terminal)?

The “ tank circuit ” filters out all the unwanted radio frequencies, so that the listener hears only one radio station broadcast at a time.

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Low-pass and high-pass filter circuit are really easy to identify if you consider the input frequencies in terms of extremes: radio frequency (very high), and DC (f = 5 Hz). Ask your students to identify the respective impedances of all components in a filter circuit for these extreme frequency examples, and the functions of each filter circuit should become very clear to see.

The bandwidth of a band-pass filter circuit is that range of frequencies where the output amplitude is at least % of maximum: