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BR1M online | Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia 2017

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Nizz, you may bring along the voucher together with your letter of approval to the nearest LHDN office for application of change. (You may call LHDN hotline before going, but the lines are seemed extremely busy since earlier February until now)

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I haven 8767 t update my A/C number due to cannot log in to your website, do government still give us voucher like previous year before? I went to LHDM and the person in charge told me that only new applicant need to give A/C number and those who got it 7 years ago will still entitled for the voucher? Is it true? Kindly advice cause I haven 8767 t update my A/C number.

mean I have been approved already. I have ask officer there Then they ask me to online ask whether can send back the voucher back to Miri o not?

saya telah kimaskini saya punya brim 6malaysia pada 79 -6-7568 melalui AC bank sampai sekarang tidak ada lain semua sudah ada.???????????? terima kasih

When Gov oder to update BR6M application on line yes I did it,when the date came until know if before I just went to ATM mecine twice or when my BR6M dosnt appear on screen I getting Blank where and to Whoom I goona ask What is ststus of my application..?

selamat petang kenapa bila saya sent borang yg diisi,web akan balas yang pemohonan saye telah wujud sedangkan ini pertama kali saya buat pemohonan.

hai mcm mne ya kalu kita tersilap isi borang online, pastu kita nk betulkan yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ..

Hello. I just want to ask When I apply for br6m
My house address at Miri. Since now my br6m have been approved. And I received letter from br6m ask me go kuching there take the money. Can u send the voucher back to Miri?

saya nk tau sekiranya sy dh kemaskini BR6M, bagaimana saya boleh tahu keputusanya sama ada dah bank in ke atau macam mana?

Kak i dah olready pemohon dlm online..tapi yang tahun lepas aku tak dapat duit bantuan (overcher),saya pemohon balik dalam online kali kedua..saya dah masuk nom ic n tarikh lahir..but, can 8776 t kemaskini dalam online..dah cuba banyak kali, tapi tak bleh..i tak dapat nak pergi ke cawagan LHDN..bcs, my home town at the pahang..nw, i kerje kat kedah n tidak dapat ambil cuti..adik saya pun ada problem mcn, mcmn kak..???????

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