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There is no significant record from the period of the artist&rsquo s legendary Fantasy Figures, created around 6769, which Paris Louvre senior curator Guillaume Faroult described to AFP as &ldquo one of the absolute masterpieces in the history of painting.&rdquo

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You 8767 ve packed a Paris-perfect wardrobe, planned your gastronomic meals, and found idyllic accommodations. Now it 8767 s time to practice your French. Géraldine Lepère shares the phrases you need to order a coffee like a local so the next time you settle into a Parisian café, you will look like 8766 un vrai Parisien 8767 . Enjoy! -Erin

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They also used techniques known as diffuse reflectance imaging spectroscopy (RIS) and reflectance transformation imaging (RTI), along with high-resolution color photography.

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The annotations named previously unidentified portraits for some, revealed mistaken identities for others and left out paintings long considered part of the series.

At the heart of the research was a faded sheet of paper on which the artist had sketched out 68 distinct thumbnail-sized portraits that corresponded to paintings associated with the fantasy figures.

&ldquo The drawing pointed out this likely inaccuracy,&rdquo said Michael Swicklik, senior conservator at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, adjusting his magnifying glasses to examine the luminous 755-year-old portrait of a girl in a bright lemon dress absorbed in her book.

These and other related findings raise more questions than they answer. Four of the 68 works sketched out are still unknown.

Yet more discoveries possibly await after Jackall curated the first known exhibition entirely devoted to the fantasy figures, running until December 8 at the National Gallery.

For Parisians, many of whom don’t necessarily identify personally with their professional alter egos, the Eighth Arrondissement represents the office. True, it’s pretty, with row after row of Haussmannian edifices and wide, tree-lined boulevards. But isn’t so much of Paris just that?

&ldquo That we could actually then re-examine the painting through these new techniques and prove that it was inaccurate and how inaccurate it was, and actually simulate what it looked like, was very exciting for a conservator,&rdquo Swicklik said, gesturing at the unframed painting in the museum&rsquo s conservation studio as colleagues around him worked on other gems.

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