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a single mum with a child can never marry anyone again or date shes already been married already had a child and for a single guy to involve with a single mum is wasting his time buying a used car with a damaged engine ready to blow up at a age, every single mum says shes divorced but speaks to her 8776 x 8776 husband at least once a week due to the child they may as well be married can never give yourself to a single mum. Your giving yourself to single mum child and x husband,,,he will always be in the picture ! when you buy a new car you don 8767 t intend to share it with a stranger every now and then good luck

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In an interesting turn of events, some single moms do not want to date single dads! It’s ironic and, no, it’s not very fair to ask a single man without kids to want to date a single mom, but not vice versa. It’s a bit hypocritical. But, the way this mom explains it, it’s a good thing she’s at least being honest.

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You fail to think beyond what 8767 s normal and abnormal to what will just 8775 be 8776 in the not too distant future and for that, I can 8767 t take your rants seriously.

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Actually trac, I hope you never reproduce with your failure at reading comprehension: 8775 her kids are, and should be, her priorities. 8776 Esteban acknowledged that, and *supports* it.

Further information on eligibility and procedure for applying can be obtained at http:///programs/housing/hpap.

Obviously if there is a language barrier this is something you will need to overcome, but you only need to grasp the basics of any language to make your feelings felt.

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This mama clearly has her life together. She has awesome kids, an awesome job, an awesome education, and she’s ready to date an awesome guy. But seriously, where are they all hiding?

These are great questions, Sandra I think only you can find the ultimate answer for yourself, but I do hope some of your age peers chime in with their experience. However, I will say this: Why stay off the market to do your research? What about dating, casually, without sex (or with, should the mood strike), as you explore what you want, how that fits with men you 8767 re meeting, and take it from there? Thoughts?

well in the same way that you 8766 don 8767 t want to date a guy who has kids 8767 , I guess guys don 8767 t want to date you for the same reason.

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