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I said it was hard to move on when he was chatting such crap to my friends about being in love with me. he knows how I feel about him.

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I agree with Marguerite. I am in the same boat, had the same feelings, and greatly appreciate some wisdom that I knew was there.. It just sometimes takes another outside source to help you see things a little more clearly. Someone who isn 8767 t directly involved. Thank you.

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Will your ex boyfriend miss you? Almost certainly. In this article however, I will be outlining my views regarding whether or not he will miss you romantically, and not only as a long-time friend, and how to tell the difference.

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Superb stuff, a very realistic and mature point of view, reading your comment really made me think and has put things into perspective. Thank you!

Unless you 8767 re broke & homeless there is no need to stay with such a man.
Dear, he 8767 s 97! He 8767 s been with women longer than you have lived.

It just got to be frustrating to have some chick that is hanging on you all the time talk to you in some weird baby voice who buys you dinner, but scares off any chick that you are really interested in. If a girl is with a man, leave her, make a clean break and go after someone that is more serious.

But then again, I don 8767 t really see why it makes any sense otherwise. Unless there was an edge of desperation on your end after the breakup, which caused him to not want to deal it all. Needless to say, it sounds far from the case. And you are dealing with it dare I say it remarkably well (better than I would I assure you).

Thank you!
I completely agree with what you said. And have even started to really consider if I actually want that. I 8767 m currently just feeling mad because it makes me wonder if anything was ever real in the first place /: i guess there will always be people who lie out there, i just hoped it wouldnt be my case p
I guess the talks about how I was his soulmate were just a way woo me :(
Thank you for your advise, such an awesome page!
P. S. thanks for removing my avatar! I didn 8767 t notice it appeared.

You did the right think by avoiding the drama. His public slandering of you will only ever look him look bat-shit crazy. Perhaps the best thing is that you met face-to-face and seem to have come out swinging. That speaks volumes of the progress you 8767 ve made. I remember when it happened to me I left the club, heh.

I had wondered if you had stopped writing there for a bit. It had been some time since I read anything new. You fill a rare nitch in the blogosphere, and it 8767 s interesting to read your take on things.

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