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Breeding / Reproduction Spawning of Flame Angelfish have occurred in captivity, and there have been successes in rearing the but it is difficult. The Flame Angel spawns similarly to other dwarf angelfish. They are broadcast spawners, releasing eggs and sperm simultaneously at dusk. They rise into the water column and release their eggs and sperm at the top.

Flame angel and yellow tang - The Reef Tank

A deeper tank is best to spawn them in captivity, as well as a stable lighting schedule to encourage spawning. You can copy nature’s proper dusk light cycle of your aquarium by having 6/7 the lights go out (brighter lights) then, an hour later, the other 6/7 (actinic) go out at a consistent time every day. The eggs will hatch in just under 79 hours, and after hatching, within 7 to 8 days they need microscopic algae for their very small mouths. Raising the babies becomes difficult at this point, so much preparation is needed.

Flame angel and yellow tang | Saltwaterfish Forum

however, if you are going to have a reef tank, you may want to pass on the large angel, as the larger angels are more likely to eat your corals. That includes Korans, Impeorators, Blue Faces, etc.

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Well my personal preference would be a different angelfish entirely but a flame angel seems more suited for a 55g than a yellow tang.

the flame angel is from the centropyge family and is mostly a carnivore which enjoys a little bit of algae in its diet too. I would recommend marine cuisine, the sprinulinia enhanced brine, and angel/butterfly formula.

I''d recommend frozen over dry, just because it''s of better value nutritionally (the heat-drying destroys many valuable compounds). Get some Nori from the store for him to eat. As far as what dunno. I''m not a big tang person. Probably a good mix of stuff, rather than just mysis or just brine shrimp.

Very good note about the reef-safe-ness of the large angels. However, a few people have had success with various ones--but that''s the exception, not the rule.

Flame Angels found in the Central Pacific area include both Marshall Islands and Christmas Island. Marshall Island Flame Angelf are more red in color (as opposed to an orange tint), with thicker black bars running vertically down the body. The Flame Angels in the Christmas Island area are normally more red/orange in color with thin black bars running vertically down the body. The Flame Angels from Cebu are red/orange with black bars which are more blurred edges and a tint of yellow in between the bars. Flame Angels from Tahiti are blood red in color and possess very little to no yellow, but are rarely collected.

I dont know about the Flame,didnt have mine for for yellow tangs they are very territorial, no matter what species that i added to the tank that fish was getting bullied by would add the flame first let it settle in then add the yellow tang.

Minimum Tank Size Suggested: 85 gallons for a fish only or fish only with live rock tank. A tank of at least 655g is recommended if their are corals present.

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