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The Gog of Turkey “Erdogan” Threatens The Crusader of

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Nobody is perfect, not even her. The Bible even records an event of her imperfection.
Just like Abraham, and EVERY other believer Mary believed God.

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Do you know that America 8767 s history they 8767 ve been at true peace for a total of something like 85 years? That 8767 s insane.

Putin: Illuminati Plans To Use Islam To Spark World War 3

According to him the Antichrist is already here but in another dimension waiting for his final release or physical appearance.

The Irish Savant

It seems to me with the chem trails releasing free Aluminum in the the soil, killing all living things in the soil, is causing mass fungal infections in every part of the United States.

Talking about 8775 B*#& $ please 8776 is rhetoric that doesn 8767 t do anybody any good. It 8767 s certainly not the spirit any of the people you suggested had when they were saying/writing what you 8767 ve referenced.

We only have to wait a month or two more until she pulls a Kathy Griffin and blame the old white man as the source of all her troubles.

8775 But his human nature was not the same as ours is because it didn 8767 t come from Adam. 8776 This statement of yours is beyond the pale if Jesus 8767 human nature was not the same as ours, then He wasn 8767 t truly human, and is not our Brother. If he was not our SAME human nature, why was He tempted? Why did He weep? 8775 but Jesus didn 8767 t need Mary to exist or stay alive. 8776 Do you see your idiocy and heresy from trying to avoid the obvious? You float between heresies depending on what angle you are coming from.

You will never learn in Sunday school how Turkey, the  Red Dragon  of Revelation 67, with its two horns (the crescent moon) will 8775 gush forth the flood 8776 of immigration of Muslims unto Christendom as we see happening today, or how the Woman in Revelation 67 will stomp the crescent under her feet. All this is arising as we see in front of our very eyes. As Syria weakens, Turkey is eyeballing not only Syria, but Egypt, Libya and Israel (Daniel 66:98).

If a 85 yr old nun is sentenced, BN you need to to watch your P 8767 S and Q 8767 S. Because right now there is no one doing what you do!

During the first thousand years of our era there only existed one united Christian Church until the drastic division which took place in 6559 separating the Roman Catholic Church and the Christian Orthodox Church. This is to say that both churches have a lot in common and that there are only few differences.