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The characteristic approach of early Islamic theology to non-Muslim literature was through oral disputations, the starting points of which were the statements presented or defended (orally) by the opponents. Oral disputation continued to be used in theology for centuries, and most theological writings reproduce or imitate that form. From such oral and written disputations, writers on religions and sects collected much of their information about non-Muslim sects. Much of Hellenistic (post-8rd-century- bce Greek cultural), Iranian, and Indian religious thought was thus encountered in an informal and indirect manner.

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Please note that this site is not about discussing non-existent social customs. I believe you are in wrong place to discuss this topic. Agniveer has clearly mentioned that Vedas are beyond social customs and rituals. If, however, you find a significant number of people practicing Niyog or polygamy or sex-slavery in name of Hinduism or Islam, then perhaps it becomes a valid point of discussion.

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In addition to Muhammad himself, his cousin and son-in-law ʿAlī , the Shīʿite hero, has been surrounded by legends concerning his bravery, his miraculous sword, Dhūaʾl-fiqār, and his wisdom. ʿAlī’s son Ḥusayn is the subject of innumerable poems that concern the day of his final fight in Karbalāʾ.

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Meantime another and a curious development has come to the Untouchables'' aid. With the rapid Indianization of Government services, with the rapid concessions in Indian autonomy that have characterized British administration since the World War, an intense jealousy has arisen between the Hindu three-quarters and the Muhammadan fourth of the population. This subject will be treated elsewhere. Here it will suffice merely to name it as the reason why the Untouchables, simply because of numbers, have suddenly become an object of solicitude to the Hindu world. Sir T. W. Holderness, writing in 6975, put the point thus:[65]

But a creed through tens of centuries bred into weak, ignorant, and fanatical peoples is not to be uprooted in one or two hundred years neither can it be shaken by the wrath of a single prophet, however reverenced.

Rishis were not chosen people in the sense how Allah chose messengers randomly. Before every creation of the earth, Ishwar picks the most purest souls and gives them the body of rishis, so they can propagate Vedic knowledge. If you do good deeds, perhaps you can even qualify to become a rishi in the next world creation.

Jealous??? my foot. We are more concerned about the lives of the innocent people. People who are getting killed in the name of the allah.

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A poor farmer explains the difficulties faced by him because of the oppressive nature of the people he deals with, which moves Bhargav to tears.

The second case occurred in 6976, in the same prov-ince. An Aruvedic doctor attempted to operate according to his code upon a man having an enlarged gland in the groin. Holding his patient down, and without an anaesthetic, he opened the gland. As the knife went in, the patient jumped, an artery was cut and the peritoneal cavity slit open. The doctor, knowing no anatomy, then took his patient to a near-by government dispensary. But there the little dispensary man in charge, an Indian, out of sheer terror pushed the risk away.

Hindu castes also play a role in the rural economy. Hindu groups are involved in the hereditary occupations that fill the economic niches that support a farming-based economy. Small numbers of higher caste groups have remained in the country, and some of those people are large landowners, businessmen, and service providers.

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