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Don t forget that SKT play the most games at any international event because they don t get eliminated early and play bo8 and bo5 series in the semifinals and finals. SKT would probably be the team with the most international games by far.

Personally not a fan of the 2 group setup in EU LCS • r

But I m not a fan of the current NA system either. Instead I hope they ll consider going back to an 8 team LCS again. If both the Academy teams manage to qualify for the LCS then Riot should acquire both their slots and expand the Challenger Series to 8 teams.

10 Burning Questions: EU LCS Edition - Paravine

Yeah, I agree. I just think people posting on reddit, that they don t like having two groups, and then leaving no reason why/what s wrong with it, is pointless.

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I understand that the team is much better than the competition, but does anyone else believe that it s a combination of their strength as a team and the fact that they are so good they scare other teams?

I like it a lot too! I think having weeks where teams only have to play one match is better for the players and splitting the groups helps teams scrim better too since they have to sorry less about secret strats being expoited in teams they only play once a season.

Best solution would likely to make it so divisions don t matter for playoff seeding, but that really hurts controlling your own destiny as a team.

Then players devised a 9v5 tower push that the opposing team would be forced to mirror on the opposite side of the map or risk losing critical seconds assembling team members to defend. This effectively delayed the start of the game by several minutes, at which point there were two towers down on each side before the teams began interacting with one another. “Then we had really hit the absolute darkest time,” says Scarizard. “Shit’s just in a bad place at this point because nobody’s playing, no one’s doing stuff.”

They don t have enough casters in EU. Last time they did two streams people just flamed Pulse and Vedius for being bad.

People just don t watch anything with giants, OG or Vit in it, don t know if theres a better system as there just aren t enough viewers for 7 streams for EU.

That s kind of their own problem though if your team isn t good or doesn t have the same presence, why should you expect to get the same amount of viewers or sponsors.