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But they don t really set the standard for us in the real world. Because they don t really exist in our real world. That woman is not going to get very far demanding you be Brad Pitt because she is no Angeline Jolie. She is not going to get far demanding you be rich, because very, very few people all. Many women don t like hypersocial people.

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I get this in the form of advice and jokes a lot, and it drives me nuts. Not to mention, I rarely want to dress like a child/teenager. Pink and glitter have their place and all, but it s not on my body.

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We don t know the inner lives of people who are not ourselves. We don t know if those other people are happy even.

Is it easier to learn these skills as a kid? Yes, I think it is, just like it s harder to learn to speak another language as an adult than it is as a kid. But harder is not the same thing as impossible.

I think DNL is suggesting that we be honest with ourselves about what our priorities are. I hope he s not suggesting that people who prioritize dating are somehow better than those who don t. Some of the article did come across that way, however.

Or you start approaching 5 women every day, documenting your every interaction, gathering feedback and moving your way towards greater social proficiency.

It s definitely okay to be sad about things that can t be done, and there are things that can t be done or for which the cost is too high, but I think the idea is that a lot of these Xs don t actually require impossible Ys.

Do you have links to actual research that proves this? I did a search on masturbation and resistance to dopamine, and the results I found a) had no citations of actual research to back them up and b) talked specifically about ejaculating excessively or porn addiction. Obviously if you do anything to the point of excess or addiction, it s not likely to be healthy. I don t see any reason to think that masturbating a few times a week is going to have ill effects for the average person.

How natural are you and the people you know at it? It s not unbelievable, but putting it like that makes it sound effortless, and reading an article or two on this blog indicates there is a lot of effort involved. Are you certain it s not just you and the people around you are naturals at this kind of thing?

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