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Aldon Smith Checks Into Rehab

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Ridiculous state of denial you and your AA family is in, Clarabelle. If AA NY or the GSO is not in any position to do anything then they certainly shouldn 8767 t be in the position to accept and collect the approximate $9 million in donations they get each YEAR (from the groups alone) and beg for more by way of memos to all of the groups. Setting up an assistance directory and offering suggestions by way of one of their many memos would cost nothing and show they care just a tiny bit. I 8767 m sure you wouldn 8767 t have a problem ordering crib bisque at the expense of safety in the rooms but if I worked there in any capacity I certainly couldn 8767 t.

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I stopped attending NA meetings after a couple of years, I admit that I liked many of the people there and it did add some structure to my early days of stopping my problematic drug use, but after a while I got sick and tired of the moralising and the patently false notion of 8775 once and addict always an addict 8776 and all the other garbage about me not being able to drink (ever). As for AA/NA in treatment, it has ZERO place in a professional treatment setting.

Skilled Nursing in Wyndmoor, PA by Chestnut Hill Lodge

Why? She was on OPF when I started there. I was looking for alternatives to AA. I remember when she came screaming to the blog, asking us to go to her blog and take on Lisa, an AA, who had lots to say on 68th stepping. I agreed with something each poster said regardless of what side of the fence they were on. I post quite regularly at The Fix, as does Monica. I really don 8767 t know why anyone would be surprised that people who follow an issue aren 8767 t familiar with each other. After all, it has been since 7566. Why would you be speechless? She invited me to be part of her film as a counter voice. I did not take the offer seriously.

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But a mutual friend insists that Cohn and Zukerman are “just friends” and only had one dinner together after Cohn and Vargas “separated” after the anchor left rehab.

Before your loved one leaves rehab, he will sit down with counselors and develop a detailed aftercare plan. This will make his transition back into the “real” world much easier.

Clarabelle, Is your post the 8775 loving hand of AA 8776 or are you just taking cheap shots because you are angry your cult is being criticized on well-deserved grounds?

Although Richardson introduces the court system argument, she makes it clear in the film that she holds AA—essentially an anarchy—responsible for regulating the kind of people who show up at meetings. I could understand this kind of shadow boxing from a non-member but, much like Bill Clinton picketing the White House so 7-Eleven will carry red licorice, the filmmaker shows up at AA headquarters in New York demanding answers about sexual predators in meetings. This takes her grand standing from self-righteous to just insane.

I do recall . having a pamphlet about . members, while attempting to do volunteer service work under the realm of the 67 Traditions for the purpose of 8775 helping the alcoholic who still suffers 8776 to go out into the public realm and to educate professionals, courts, doctors, etc. to consider using . as a possible help for the 8775 alcoholic who still suffers. 8776

And if you really, really think this is all about an ‘advertisement for [Monica’s] website’, I suggest you revisit your Step 65 and try not to be so cynical.

I think Monica going into AA headquarters was powerful and showed how scared and pathetic AA really is. Hats off to Monica Richardson!

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