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That 8767 s completely illogical. Do you even hear yourself? 8775 I don 8767 t need evidence to believe, I just do. 8776 However, when somebody believes in evolution (which is supported by facts), it 8767 s 8775 IT 8767 S JUST FAITH, NO EVIDENCE! 8776 . So hypocritical


That is because the poles are preparing to switch again (as they have many times over the course of Earth 8767 s history).

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yeah ? and did you also see the special discovery channel did on mermaids a month earlier ? try googling the attack on the fishing boat off south africa. the only link to it is from discovery channel. if a fishing boat was taken down by a shark, i think it would have made world news. also, watch the end of the megalodon shark week epesode. it flashes a very quick disclaimer that events may have been exaggerated.
i agree there is a lot to discover out there, but a beast of that magnitude would leave some trace of its existance.

Dude I 8767 ve spend the last thirty minutes doing the same thing. This is as stupid as the idiot that did the fake mermaid episode.

I never put down hunting guns, my focus has been purely your adoration of machine guns and war toys lol lol but I guess your reading comprehension is obviously very weak, as well as you intelligence. If you were intelligent enough, and actually comprehended my responses to you, you would clearly see I was very clearly talking about machine guns. So Its become quite apparent you only hear and read what you want to

8775 It 8767 s an assault rifle 8776 I rest my case. you do comprehend what 8775 Assault 8776 means right? if you assault another fellow human or animal, would your god find that acceptable behavior? NOPE.

Yeah I don 8767 t think this is real it looks to be presented in much the same way as Discovery presented its Mermaid documentary with actors portraying scientists. About the only thing that can be construed as factual is the data on Megalodon 8767 s existence millions of years ago.

Will not waste any more time with Discovery Channel(s) after wasting 7 hours for a fake show last night. Bad enough they are doing these stupid AND FAKE reality shows like Amish Mafia, but now they screwed up what put them on the map. Fake Documentary with not even a disclaimer (other than the BS they put on the end, which does not say it was fake). Fake stories to support INCREDIBLY bad acting. Done with there channels. Blocked them on receiver so my kids don 8767 t try to watch. They blew it.

It does. You continue to ignore facts, logic, and evidence simply to perpetuate your religion. That is the essence of ignorance.

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