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Who care about these black women dating white men? At the end of it, that white man is not going to give you land, business or legacy. Aren 8767 t those the ways your footprint is society is passed on after you die? Sexual relations have almost no influence on race relations.

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Why is that Obama 8767 s mother, a white woman who raised a president, is never in the news. Nobody does any stories on her. Surely, there is at least a darn good book in there.

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Why is it so important to date or marry someone of your same color? Love has no color! And if you ask me disliking someone because of their color is wrong. Now that 8767 s racist.

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Not hatred. Just the facts. Whoopie was cast perfectly in that role. Do you think some beautiful actress (like Hallie Berry) could have been cast for that part?
There is nothing whatsoever attractive about that cow. As far as hatred she often has gone off on her TV show spewing hatred for anybody who dares to disagree with her opinion.

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Who is 8775 they 8776 ? Is it insulting to say Obama is first black president? And just so you know, Hallie is absolutely one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. She is nearly 55 too.

I just don 8767 t get this article, particularly its title. Why, in this day and age, is the fact anyone dates someone of a different race interesting or news? I felt like I was back in the 65s reading this! I somehow don 8767 t think this article would ever have been written anywhere but in the US, sadly!

See how stupid this has become? French-African-American? Really? How about African French? Or how about just French? Or American? This political correctness and oversensitivity is insane. Get real.

In the dark we are all the same. The problem is other people 8767 s, if you are stepping out with someone, you are sleeping with them, and some folks are creeped out by anything that doesn 8767 t fit their world view. And their world view includes peeping into the rest of the world 8767 s personal lives.

Im not grouping because obviously its not all black men but its the truth, did you know most stereotypes of black women came from a lot of black guys mouths they bash us the most, they are the reason people think we are all aggressive, uneducated, fat and bald. They are ALWAYS complaining about our hair they fuss about our skin tone saying light is better. So many want a black girl of white woman standards, im sorry but im not going to torture my hair and bleach my skin becasue a bunch of stubborn shallow black guys want me to look like a white when i can be with a man who likes me the way i am??.