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Isaan general topics (North East Thailand). If you haven't been to Isaan, you haven't been to Thailand they say. Isaan comprises the northeastern provinces of Thailand. Unique Language, exotic food, and a charming people populate this gateway to indochina.

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Thai Visa World News, selected Breaking News stories from around the world which are globally trending or could impact the Thailand lifestyle.

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The Latest Thailand news and videos, covering business, politics and discussions in the land of smiles. Up to date issues which could effect you whilst living or travelling in Thailand.

Trans women forced to go to army conscription in Thailand

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Visas for Thailand Nationals, Visas for Foreign Nationals and migration to countries other than Thailand. For example postings about Thais going abroad or how farangs or Thais can enter other Asian or western countries.

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And to me, that’s the issue: everything I have ever done she remembers in crystal-clear detail, and I, on the other hand, can’t remember what shirt my kid wore to school today. Last week I messed up 8 times. My wife came at me with all the mistakes, in a very negative way, and in front of our kids I blew up at her. We tried to talk again last night and that blew up too after I asked why she was being so passive-aggressive with me…I slept on the sofa after an hour of her yelling variations of:

TL DR: you screwed the pooch a few years back, dude, and there’s really no way to un-screw it without gigawatts and a working Flux Capacitor.

Information about courses on cooking, massage, dancing, Muay Thai, martial arts and all other kind of courses you can follow in Thailand.