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I like to see what everyone has to say on facebook. If it 8767 s boring, I gloss over it, but generally I don 8767 t over-focus and am not judgemental about any comments. And by the way, if you don 8767 t like repetition when sending condolences regarding someone who died, what are your many ingenious ways of expressing your thoughts regarding this matter?

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A parody subreddit (except when it s not) to celebrate freedom. If you don t like that then get the fuck off out of my country.


I feel the need to say this first, because I think that sometimes people forget it: Celebrities are still people. If you run into a celebrity, and they re having a bad day, they might not act like the coolest person. Or they might be in a rush, or whatever. Just because one person runs into a celebrity in the street and doesn t get to have a magical moment with them doesn t mean that that celebrity is a jerk.

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my thought: whoever wrote this, get it over with yourself. there are 7 options fb book offers to fix this problem: uncheck 8775 get notifications, 8776 and 8775 show in news feed 8776 for whichever friend who you couldn 8767 t care less. or just simply defriend.

This is most definitely NOT a undercover brag. It has obviously never happened to you. Constant cat-calling and so-called 8775 complimenting 8776 like being hooted at just makes you feel on display to the world. It 8767 s a re-enforcing a power dynamic.

I 8767 ll bet that most of those who hated the article realized they are guilty of the annoying social behavior the author outlines. Joking or not, its an accurate observation and if you take a hard look at yourself, you 8767 ll realize he may be right.

Well said dude! (or dudette!) We need more people like you in this world. Yes, even here in cyberspace. 😉 Rock on!

Yeah, this is why I don 8767 t make facebook statuses anymore for fear of being judged just like this.
Why do other people 8767 s facebook statuses have to please YOU? Let people share what they want, it 8767 s not their fault you find them annoying.

I myself am occasionally guilty of these posts, but I 8767 m okay with it. I like to think I 8767 m over it. I post pics maybe cause I think they 8767 re funny, maybe cause I 8767 m bored, or maybe I know 6-7 people will get a good laugh out of a post. This doesn 8767 t mean I 8767 m gloating, bragging, or trying to show off. I 8767 ll admit, sometimes I feel bad because I wonder if people might get jealous because of my posts but that thinking alone is narcissistic and I feel like I 8767 m just getting in my own head. I mean, it 8767 s just not that serious. If you 8767 re on FB, you post, you share, you read. People who don 8767 t enjoy it will do something else. It is what it is.

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